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Robert Luff Foundation Benevolent fund

The Robert Luff Fund provides financial assistance for those current and former St John volunteers who are experiencing hard times.

The fund aims to address hardship in all its forms, including but not limited to old age, poverty and disability.

History of the fund

The Robert Luff Fund was established in January 1991 by Mr Robert Luff CBE, a supporter and President of St John Ambulance in Scarborough. Mr Luff wished to acknowledge the dedication and skill of St John Ambulance volunteers, and repay them for the time and energy they had given to the organisation.

Who can qualify for the fund?

The Robert Luff Foundation Benevolent Fund exists to give assistance to volunteers and former volunteers of St John Ambulance. The only requirement is a minimum of five years’ membership with St John Ambulance. Whilst the greatest need is likely to be among elderly members, there is no lower age limit for applicants.

What does the grant provide?

Assistance is normally provided as a one-off cash grant. However, the trustees of the fund will use their discretion in exceptional cases where further support might be appropriate.

How do I apply?

Complete the application form below. Please provide full details, including the nature of the need (infirmity, poverty, disability, incapacity or hardship) and the relevant financial information. This is to ensure the application can be fully assessed. The form may be filled out on behalf of another individual.

Robert Luff Application Form.


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