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The St John Fellowship

The St John Fellowship is a key part of the Priory of England and The Islands of the Order of St John.

The aims of the Fellowship are:

  • To support the charitable activities of the Order of St John and in particular the Priory of England & the Islands, St John Ambulance and the St John Eye Hospital – both through practical assistance and by fundraising.
  • To promote the principles of the Order as expressed in its mottoes:
    • For the Faith
    • In the Service of Humanity
  • To provide care to members and former members of St John in a social setting,
  • To provide assistance to St John Ambulance and County/Local Priory Groups in a support capacity,
  • To deliver its support and care via a network of local branches.

Members can be found supporting their colleagues in St John Ambulance at a wide range of events by providing administrative or logistical support and in many cases they provide the catering!

You will see Fellowship members at major sporting events such as the London Marathon and at local events including awards ceremonies, investitures, and fundraising. Members also assist at receptions organised on behalf of NHS Blood and Transplant for the families of organ donors.

Fundraising is another vital activity, providing many thousands of pounds to support the organisation in its work both at home in the UK and overseas.

The contribution made by members in the service of their community is often recognised by their appointment as Members of the Order of St John, a Royal Order of Chivalry.

Originally formed as an “old comrades association” for former members of St John Ambulance, the Fellowship is open to any serving or former member of St John and anyone, over the age of 18, who wishes to support the organisation.

There are branches throughout England and the Islands with members from Cumbria and Northumberland in the north to Devon & Cornwall in the south. There are very active groups in Northern Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey too.

Many branches meet in St John premises. Some meet in the evening, some during the day, at weekends and during the week. A few hardly meet at all but exist as a “virtual branch”, keeping in touch by email or telephone but coming together to assist at events.

Each branch organises its own programme that generally includes a lively social life mixed with interesting guest speakers and visits to places of interest.

Supporting the work of St John is an important part of the Fellowship – but so is keeping in touch with our friends and colleagues.

There is fun in Fellowship!

To find out where you can join in with the Fellowship get in touch.

020 7324 4095


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