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Supporting the St John Eye Hospital

The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is a subsidiary of the Order of St John and all Priories support its vital work.

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is the only charitable provider of expert eye care in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

Its flagship hospital in East Jerusalem has been operating for over 130 years. It is the main eye hospital in the region, boasting a large, modern Outpatients Department, specialist Retinal, Corneal and Paediatric Units, operating theatres, and 24hr emergency services. It is the first Palestinian hospital to receive the prestigious JCI Accreditation, an international standards accreditation recognising the hospital as achieving the very highest standards of patient care.

In the West Bank, the Hospital Group has various means of treating Palestinians. The Anabta Clinic is easily accessible from Nablus, Tulkarem and Jenin, where amongst the poorest in the occupied Palestinian territories live. The Hebron Hospital is a vital source of eye care for many. Without the Hospital, many thousands of ordinary people would either struggle to pay for or go without any ophthalmic care. Alongside this, Mobile Outreach teams deliver essential eye treatment to some of the most remote and impoverished communities in the West Bank. The outreach teams are one of the most regionally effective services, taking vital eye care directly into hard-to-reach villages.

The St John Eye Clinic in Gaza meets the growing need for eye care in a population that has been facing increasing restrictions on accessing the main Hospital in Jerusalem. The clinic remains a leading provider of ophthalmic services, treating as many patients as it can, and referring the more serious and surgical cases to the Jerusalem Hospital.

In the occupied Palestinian territories, the rate of blindness is ten times higher than in the West and over a third of the population lack food security.

The St John Eye Hospital Group’s sight-saving work is carried out to the highest international standards, and is often delivered against very challenging and difficult odds.

Without its services, many of these individuals would not seek treatment despite the risk of irreparable damage to their sight.

Patients are treated regardless of ethnicity, religion or ability to pay.

80% of blindness and visual impairment is curable or preventable. The St John Eye Hospital Group is striving against preventable blindness in the occupied Palestinian territories, saving sight and changing lives.



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14 August 2014
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