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Suffolk County Priory Group

The Priory of England and the Islands is one of eleven international Priories of the Order of St John, and our work of providing First Aid Training and Services is carried out on our behalf by our subsidiary St John Ambulance, England's premier first aid charity.

Suffolk County Priory Group (CPG) undertakes the important work of the Priory at a county level and has a wide range of important responsibilities including:

  • Being local ambassadors for St John
  • Working closely with Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant or their representatives
  • Developing strong positive relationships with key local community leaders
  • Overseeing nominations for Honours and Awards
  • Promoting faith aspects of the Order of St John through County Chaplains
  • Liaising with the St John Fellowship and former members who can provide support and help to local CPGs
  • Organising fundraising at a local level in conjunction with the Head of Priory and CPG Affairs and the Fundraising Department
  • Overseeing the maintenance of the St John county archives
  • Helping to support the work of the St John Eye Hospital Group in Jerusalem and St John Associations overseas
  • Arranging an annual Organ Donor Award Ceremony in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)
  • Supporting the work of St John Ambulance whenever possible


The Chair of each CPG is appointed by the Prior, the Deputy Chair by the Chancellor with other members of the CPG being appointed by the CPG Chair. Membership of the group is usually no more than twelve people and aims to include:

  • Deputy Chair
  • County Chaplain
  • County President
  • HM Lord-Lieutenant (or representative)
  • St John Fellowship representative
  • CPG Honorary Secretary
  • SJA District Manager
  • Members with interests and skills such as fundraising, public relations, archiving and marketing to enable the CPG to deliver its strategy and objectives


There are currently no vacancies.


For more information about the group or upcoming events please contact:

Laura Wallace SSStJ – Interim CPG Chair Suffolk
Tel 01449-741598


News > Suffolk

  • Another first for the Eastern Region

    Another first for the Eastern Region

    25th April 2017

    County Priory Group Chairs were joined by County Presidents and a Representative from the Fellowship together with the Priory Chancellor, Chief President and Regional Director for a meeting held at Huntingdon on the 5th April chaired by CPG Chair coordinator Ivan Palmer. This ground breaking meeting was heralded as a great success by all attendees as a significant demonstration of Team Working and a move towards greater integration of the 11 Counties. Chairs gave brief reports on their activities over the past 12 months, Regional Director Bruce Leeke then gave a Regional Update with handouts, followed by the Priory Chancellor Michael Messinger confirming one of his Primary Objectives, and one shared by the Prior is “better working together” , he then gave a comprehensive update on the current position within the Priory. Chief President Nick Williams said he welcomed the invitation to attend the meeting


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