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Another first for the Eastern Region

Posted on 25th April, 2017

Another first for the Eastern Region

County Priory Group Chairs were joined by County Presidents and a Representative from the Fellowship together with the Priory Chancellor, Chief President and Regional Director for a meeting held at Huntingdon on the 5th April chaired by CPG Chair coordinator Ivan Palmer.

This ground breaking meeting was heralded as a great success by all attendees as a significant demonstration of Team Working and a move towards greater integration of the 11 Counties.

Chairs gave brief reports on their activities over the past 12 months, Regional Director Bruce Leeke then gave a Regional Update with handouts, followed by the Priory Chancellor Michael Messinger confirming one of his Primary Objectives, and one shared by the Prior is “better working together” , he then gave a comprehensive update on the current position within the Priory. Chief President Nick Williams said he welcomed the invitation to attend the meeting and tabled copies of the President’s Handbook as some Chairs may not have seen it, he gave information regarding Presidents and agreed the meeting was a very welcome innovation and confirmation of team working within the Region.

In conclusion it was agreed the primary benefits of this meeting were:

– Sharing of Best Practices
– Improved Networking opportunities
– Exchange of contact details

The guests were thanked for their attendance and input.


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