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Ask us what difference we have made

Posted on 30th June, 2021

You’re probably curious about what St John did in one of the most extraordinary years any of us have faced. And we’re incredibly grateful you asked.


The big answer is that we stood tall with the nation and used every skill and resource at our fingertips to help communities across the country during the Covid-19 pandemic.


From heart wrenching moments of loss through to inspirational stories of hope and connection, St John people have risen to the challenges and met them head on. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, facing an overnight halt to our training and event operations meant difficult decisions have had to be made, but through it all, it’s been our people that have shone through.


Come with us as we share the highs and lows of an extraordinary year on our new impact page and ask us what difference we have made.


You can also read a detailed report of 2020 in our Annual Report and Accounts of the Priory of England and the Islands.


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