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Pro Fide – For the Faith

Pro Fide - For the Faith

The second part of the motto of the Order – For the Service of Humanity – is chiefly expressed through the Priory’s main subsidiary Charity, St John Ambulance; but Pro Fide is of equal importance. The Order is a Christian Order, founded on Christian principles, and motivated by Christian ideals.

The Order admits people of different faiths or none, who know about the Christian nature of the organisation and feel able to support its aims as a Christian Order.

From the beginning, St John has cared for poor and sick people of all faiths. To the early hospitallers, a sick person represented Jesus Christ, and so was to be treated with the same degree of skill as they would have treated Christ Himself.

This principle – so important to our medical forebears – continues to inspire the Order of St John today: in short, St John is about Christian love in action.

St John County Chaplains

Each County has a Chaplain, who is appointed to provide spiritual and pastoral care to all St John Staff and Volunteers – not least the Badgers and Cadets – within  their area. Chaplains, of whatever denomination, are appointed by the Priory Dean, with the consent of the Diocesan Bishop or appropriate denominational Church Leader.




The Priory in action

  • Susan’s Story

    Susan’s Story

    *Susan, a serving member of the Royal Navy was told that she was seriously ill and would be unable to continue her military career. The DMWS Welfare Officer spent a lot of time with Susan, talking through the devastating news.

    Besides offering Susan and her family reassurance and support, during an extremely stressful and frightening time, the DMWS Welfare Officer liaised with other agencies and together they provided a package of support, tailored to Susan’s specific needs.

    During those early days, the DMWS Welfare Officers also spent time with Susan’s  family and offered them reassurance on the treatment plan ahead.  They were assisted with accommodation as well as transport to and from the hospital and given information on local services.

    DMWS continued to visit Susan daily and supported her and her family throughout her treatment.

    Susan and her family have remained in touch with the DMWS Welfare Officers who were there for her and her family during the frightening and stressful diagnosis and treatment plan.

    *Name changed to protect confidentiality