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Three St John people receive Prior’s Award for Bravery

Posted on 19th May, 2021

The Prior has been pleased to make the following awards in recognition of their brave and commendable actions…


Prior’s Commendation

  • Eugene Collins, MStJ
  • Jayne Hawkins
  • Luke Cutts



On the night of 5 September 2020, while deployed in central Birmingham to support the night-time economy, St John volunteers Eugene Collins, Jayne Hawkins and Luke Cutts responded to one of a series of stabbings which took place across the city centre.


With the assailant unknown and still at large, Eugene, Jayne and Luke persevered in an extremely dangerous and frightening situation, despite the risk to their own safety, bringing life-saving care to one of the victims.


They were a true example of selfless dedication and professionalism in the Service of Humanity.


You can also download a PDF of this announcement.


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