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Ceremonial Events

The Priory’s ceremonial events are a key part of maintaining the 900-year-old history and traditions of the Order of St John. By continuing these ceremonies we are maintaining the link between our forebears and the modern Order.

St John’s Day

The Priory of England and the Islands celebrates the Feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist on a Saturday near to 24 June.

The St John’s Day provides an opportunity for the whole family of St John to join together to:

  • rededicate its service to Almighty God enshrined in the Order mottos: Pro Fide and Pro Utilitate Hominum;
  • celebrate the work of our dedicated volunteers and staff;
  • commemorate the lives of service to the Order of the departed; and
  • to raise the profile of our humanitarian work.

The celebrations, which have followed a similar pattern since 1954, principally consist of:

  • a celebration of Holy Communion in the Crypt of the Priory Church;
  • the Priory General Assembly (its annual general meeting) at Mansion House;
  • a parade of SJA volunteers;
  • the Service of Commemoration and Rededication in St Paul’s Cathedral; and
  • to raise the profile of our work.



The Priory Visitation

Each year the Priory Council and Priory Chapter visit a Region to:

  • enable all Order members, volunteers and staff within the Region to rededicate their service to Almighty God enshrined in the Order mottos: Pro Fide and Pro Utilitate Hominum;
  • enable Priory representatives from across the country to visit the Region to meet volunteers and staff and to celebrate their successes and understand their concerns; and
  • enable the work of the Region to be showcased to the local community through engagement and profile raising activities.

The Visitation is a Priory event, but it provides a showcase for the whole Region in which it is held.  For practical purposes one County Priory Group will act as the hosts on behalf of the Region.


Four times each year, the Prior holds an Investiture in the Priory Church where those who have been admitted to, or promoted in, the Order are presented with their insignia on behalf of The Queen.

On each occasion the Prior invests approximately 70 individuals, most of whom are St John Ambulance volunteers. For time to time, the Prior will also present other awards, such as Votes of Thanks or the Life Saving Medal of the Order.


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