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The Priory of England and the Islands

A Warm Welcome

The Priory of England and the Islands is a part of the Order of St John, the international humanitarian charity. It is responsible for the delivery of the Order’s charitable mission in England and it oversees the semi-autonomous Commanderies in Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man.

The Priory’s main role is to support its well-known subsidiary – the charity St John Ambulance – in its first aid and caring work in the community.

The Order of St John today is an Order of Chivalry of the British Crown. Its care-giving mission is inspired by the medieval Knights Hospitaller, who established a hospital in Jerusalem in the 11th century to provide aid to sick pilgrims who had made the long journey to the Holy City.

Since that time the Order has developed and flourished and it is now a leading international humanitarian charity, recognised at the United Nations, with around 400,000 volunteers and staff in 40 countries.



Latest News

Priory News: Spring 2020

Front page of Priory News Spring 2020

Priory News: Spring 2020 Since the last issue, life for St John has undergone an unprecedented transformation as we collectively face the challenges posed by the coronavirus. With teams now working from home and St John Ambulance fully focused on providing support in various ways to the NHS, the news reported in this issue will … Continue reading Priory News: Spring 2020

Priory News: Autumn 2018

  Priory News: Autumn 2018 Every time that Mike Cunvin and I prepare for the next edition of Priory News, we receive so many heart warming and inspiring stories from readers about volunteers from all areas of St John who go way beyond the call of duty. This edition is once again full of amazing … Continue reading Priory News: Autumn 2018

Priory News: Summer 2018

Priory News: Summer 2018 I hope that you are enjoying this glorious weather which really does seem to have raised people’s spirits. In this summer edition of Priory News you will be able to read about some of the many interesting and exciting activities and events that have taken place here at St John.


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